How to get AWS Training and Certification

Published 3 years ago

Now since we know about the benefits of Amazon Web Services, ExtremeSetup is planning to become a Certified Partner in the AWS Partner Network. If you need an introduction to what AWS means, read our introductory article on this topic.

As of May 15, 2017, Amazon made available their new AWS Training and Certification Portal. This is a very good news because now we can get our training and certification progress all in one place. Like the authors say: "Previously, you had to rely on multiple sites to find and manage our training and certification offerings. Now you have a central place where you can find and enroll in AWS training, register for AWS Certification exams, track your learning progress, and access benefits based on AWS Certifications you have achieved". We at ExtremeSetup anticipate that cloud IT infrastructures are going to grow massively because we see that the majority of new companies are already building their infrastructures in the cloud and existent companies are migrating to the cloud. We choose AWS because it seems that they are the leader in the field at the moment and they are investing massively in their infrastructure.

It makes sense now to choose AWS Training and Certification Portal because you can get information right from the source, updated as soon as something new appears or changes happen to AWS. It's a new and fresh approach to training, 3 weeks as of the writing of this post. I am going to track my activity on the portal and share my experience on this blog. So stay tuned for the next article on AWS if you are interested in where this technology is heading.