CryptoKitties - the new style game on Ethereum Blockchain

Published 2 years ago

It is very interesting to see new use cases of the Blockchain Technology. This time besides ICOs which is a popular method of crowdfunding we can see a game built on top of Ethereum Blockchain. CryptoKitties CryptoKitties is one of the first successful attempts to build a game by implementing smart contracts. There are still some question marks regarding the implementation of this game as a true Decentralized Application (DApp) but first, we need to understand that we are just starting to explore the possibilities of the blockchain and also its limitations.

Besides being a game, CryptoKitties is also a marketplace of digital assets. The kitties that you hold are valuable assets which can be exchanged for Ether which are real money. So some people run this game as an investment opportunity. If you don't sell your pet it can grow in value over time. Also because this is a smart contract nobody can take your kitty from you even the creators of the game. It is stored on blockchain for eternity or until the Ethereum blockchain disappear but I think at this point you should know what is the probability of this to happen.

Playing CryptoKitties is fun and even profitable but the most important part is what it can do for the blockchain community. And here I want to mention two things. First is the fact that it will bring awareness of what is blockchain and decentralization. Even though it is still not easy for average people to play this game, given the fact that to play this you need an Ethereum address, real funds, Metamask extension and some knowledge of blockchain, but this game could introduce more people into this space. The second is the fact that it will test the network with a real-life DApp since it generated a lot of transactions.

In a future article, we will analyze the source code of the underlying smart contract. But for now, one issue that I saw is the fact that the source code of the generation of a new cat is not opened, which means that it’s kind of tied to the developers of the app. Also, there is a possibility to pause the game at any point in time by the C level executives. So there is room for improvement in regards to the source code of the smart contract.

All in all, I think this game is a good showcase of what the Ethereum blockchain is capable of, even though from the gaming point of view it looks like it's a 20-30 years old game. This also shows how much work is still to be done in order to scale the Ethereum blockchain. But this is a good beginning and a step forward in the direction of the decentralization of the applications.