About ExtremeSetup

Published 3 years ago

We are a team of developers passionate about web development. We love innovation and are always eager to learn something new. We develop our skills on daily basis and constantly improve our development process. Nowadays being on the edge in the technology space is a tough requirement but this also makes our jobs interesting and challenging. We started working on Progressive Web Apps in the days when this technology was in the initial stages of development so that now can make a difference.

Our goal is to create a community of developers, entrepreneurs, and startups who are interested in new technologies and new business ideas. We believe that the combination of technology and entrepreneurship is very efficient for a successful company. We want to bring only real value to our community. The time we are living is full of information and now it's a problem because now we have to filter it and this is challenging. We see a lot of startups doing lots of mistakes during their development and we want to help to change this. How we plan to do this? By providing real, useful and exact information and services. We love what we do, we love innovation and we want to help as many people as possible.

We are passionate about web development, modern tools, and frameworks. Currently, there are thousands of different tools and systems in place and at times it's hard to understand them all and most important understand where to use them. We believe that a good tactic is to use the right tool in the right place at the right time. And we are going to learn to do this together. Because we are like you always eager to learn, improve and innovate to be ahead of the competition.

We will help not only with tools but also with optimization of the business processes and operational processes by using modern and effective cloud solutions, agile approach and fast product delivery to the market. We are full-stack.

Why ExtremeSetup? Because we set up your idea and push it to the limits. Let's make the difference together.